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  • Swift Pace Solution Now System Integration Partner With Hortonworks.

    Swift Pace Solution Now System Integration Partner With Hortonworks.

    October 14, 2014—Swift Pace Solutions, Moving IT forward, announces its system integration partnership with Hortonworks®. Hortonworks® provides consulting companies with Apache™ Hadoop® that comprises of data solution with superior integration capabilities, which enterprises can use to meet the upcoming business challenges.

    Swift Pace Solution with the Hortonworks Systems Integrator Partner Program will be able to provide its clients to process analyze, process and deploy large set of data such that it helps to reduce cost and increase efficiency thereby helping enterprises to gain new insights on ways to raise profit margins and minimize business process complexities. Furthermore, it assists our clients with integrating any type of cloud or SaaS application and prevents interruption with existing IT solutions thereby creating a measurable hybrid solution. The YARN based architecture in the Hadoop data platform allows the processing and number of applications to function efficiently with which organization can analyze large amount of unstructured data sets and yield business decision that will create profit maximization on which our clients can embark future success of their organization.

    Our clients have been actively looking for various tools in the market that helps them fulfill complex business intelligence requirements. Swift Pace Solution’s system integration partnership with Hadoop will help our clients to effectively use the various tools the Hadoop platform offers to seize business opportunities and stay competitive in a highly volatile competitive environment and help Swift Pace to demonstrate its accountability towards their clients.

    About Swift Pace Solution Inc.

    A mid-sized US based women owned and operated IT staffing and Service provider located in Irving, TX. We specialize in providing appropriate solutions that targets our clients IT needs ranging from staffing to project related service requirements. Our consulting services include IT Security Services, ERP, Mobility, UI/UX, Cloud based services whereas our Staffing services surrounds the area of application development, project management, business analyst, QA program management, Solution Architect and configuration management services.