CSR Initiatives


What makes us unique from other staffing and consulting firms is our passion to introduce CSR and Sustainability initiatives.Our consultants will help to reorient business process that help to eradicate operational and data center optimization issues and provide certain sustainability advantage like fleet management, help in data storage electronically and make processes efficient and time saving.

The Global Climate Change

The transition in climatic condition has been a major social and political issue. Growing awareness has made consumers inclined towards making processes sustainable. We help in optimizing process such that it embraces best practice.


Adopting Cloud Technologies


Cloud technologies helps in storage and manage large amount of data. It saves physical space and paper.


With incorporation of cloud companies can outsource their programs and activities to service provider via Internet.


A small device like mobile phones conserves less energy than a laptop and can used extensively to manage data on cloud environment.


Hence cloud technologies have been a great tool in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by IT department within an organization.

Work From Home

Swift Pace solution provides its employees to “work from home” once in two weeks. This will help to contribute in reducing the emissions from vehicles that pollute the environment.

Women Owned Organization

Our employees are aware that we place high emphasis on integrity, quality, and excellence and ensures our services are rendered by complying with laws and ethical standards. We are a women owned organization which depicts our commitment in empowering women entrepreneurs.